City Collects Bulk Trash For Free

Bulk trash. Most people have it, and few enjoy getting rid of it.

But this week, the City of Tyler is helping residents out, and removing hefty garbage free of charge. The department of waste will go to homes and pick up everything from broken furniture to washers and driers. However, items like paint, liquid waste and unbundled brush will not be collected.

Tyler residents were already chasing the trash trucks Monday morning.

"It's a help to us , because we don't have to try and haul it off somewhere," said Bridget Mask-Bell. Bell chased one truck hoping they could take an old water heater.

She wasn't the only one. In just five minutes, Julio Hernandez got rid of old car bumpers, a radiator and a car hood.

"Sometimes you just don't have time," says Hernandez. "Or you don't have a big enough vehicle to take it."

The city will pick-up bulk trash placed on your curb through Friday. Tyler residents who miss the trucks during the week, will get one last chance Saturday. The department will collect bulk waste from 7 a.m. to noon at the city employee parking lot, on the 300 block of North Bois D'Arc Avenue.