Teacher Cited For Attacking Student

A Tyler teacher is hit with a misdemeanor citation, after allegedly attacking a student. The incident happened at Stewart-Edison Junior Academy on Thurs., Sept. 26.

TISD police officers cited the teacher for Assault Class C Misdemeanor- Physical Contact. The attack allegedly occurred in front of a classroom of students.

"He said,'Why are you coming into this class looking angry,'" recalls the 11-year old student, who prefers to stay anonymous. "He said, 'You get your little butt over there and sit down.'"

But the incident didn't stop there. After asking why the teacher was mad at him, the sixth grader says he was attacked.

"He came and he pushed me, and I hit the wall," recalls the student. "Then he hit me right here on my lower left leg."

The student's mother, Yolanda Jones, says her son is an "A" student and has never been confronted by the teacher before.

"There are parents who have contacted me saying their child was telling them what had happened," said Jones. "There were a lot of upset students, a lot of students came to my house to tell me about it."

The 11-year old says his teacher took him into the hallway, and lead him toward the principals office while shouting profanity. The sixth grader says along the way another teacher intervened, and told the student to go on to the office. There, the student filled out a report.

Yolanda Jones presented Channel 7 News with medical records that show her son was taken to ETMC. He has bruising on his arm still, says Yolanda. As well as a sore back.

Yolanda is meeting with TISD Superintendent David Simmons tomorrow morning. TISD released a statement saying, "the teacher has been suspended without pay pending further investigation."