Tylerite Wins Game Show

An East Texas woman was on Jeopardy on Monday, but she was never in trouble. TJC student, Melissa Mayo was a contestant on Monday's episode of the popular Jeopardy game show.

A celebration party at Rogers Student center Monday morning started off like most nice little get togethers at TJC; with students and sandwiches. Then the conversation turned to game shows. A specific game show and a specific contestant, Melissa Mayo.

Mayo says the game was nerve racking, but she got over her nerves quickly.  By the first break, she had a large lead over her two compettitors.  During commercials, Melissa tells her fellow TJC students about the game, and meeting Alex Trebeck.

"Where he went to school which was in Canada, and his degree's in philosophy. Why he shaved off his mustache. And he said it was so that Will Farrell on Saturday Night Live could play him better on Celebrity Jeopardy."

Even before Final Jeopardy, Melissa had wrapped up the victory, and $17,200 along with the title, jeopardy champion.

Melissa gets the chance to defend her one day title Tuesday morning. You can see it on Channel 7, KLTV at 11 AM.