Health Inspectors Buzzing Fair Food Booths

The fair means food, and lots of it...

Burgers, sausage, hot dogs, corny dogs, egg rolls but when John Duke walks up, he's here to sample.

"So far so good," he says checking out Chick-Fil-A on the midway.  "Let's stick the product." He's not sampling like the rest of us. He'sjust one of Smith County's Health Inspectors on Fair patrol. John's job is keeping everyone from getting sick.

"Predominately, we condemn food that there's insects in food, rodents, or temperature violations." he says.

John looks in the refrigerator where raw chicken is being stored:  "What I'm looking for here is 45 degrees Fahrenheit or colder."  It tests around 42F... plenty cold.  "Chick-fil-A is doing well," he says.

The litmus test is for sanitation too.  He tests everyone's solution to make sure it meets the minimum 50 parts per million of chlorine.  Chick-fil-A passes by a mile.  Some booths use other solutions to sanitize, and John can test for those as well.

Up on the wall is their yellow sheet with their score from the inspection. Every booth must have one... and the inspectors are out all the time.

"If it's something bad, we ask them to stop their food service until it's corrected," he says.

Keeping everyone safe is no picnic, though there's nothing to be done about the bees.

"They like the drink syrup and that's our biggest problem, says Chick-Fil-A manager Michael Chestnut.

"We've had a couple of people stung out here already."

The bees will be buzzing around, so will the inspectors, until Saturday.