Crimefighters Special Report

Since Crimefighters' launch this past February more than 50 wanted suspects have made it to the busted board.

"It's a great tool. It's done everything it says it's done," says Lieutenant Larry Wiginton with the Smith County Sheriff's Department.

The Smith County Sheriff's Department is one of eight agencies we've partnered with to clean up East Texas streets.

The crimes of the men and women they're looking for run the gamut.

"We've arrested sex offenders, we've arrested sex offenders who fail to register, we've arrested those charged with assault," says Wiginton.

But the arrest process wouldn't happen without your tips.

Take for example Anthony Jerome Chimney, who was wanted for sexual assault of a child.

30 minutes after we put him on our wanted board a tip came in saying he works at Tyler Pipe from 2 p.m. until midnight.

The sheriff's department arrested him without incident.

Or Melissa Ann Brown, who according to a Crimefighters tip was already jailed in the state of Louisiana.  The tip was good and she would be extradited back to Smith County.

"Getting their picture, their name out there, what they did, that brings attention to them and other people might say hey I know that person, I work with them or I just saw them the other day," says Officer Don Martin with the Tyler Police Department.

More hardened criminals, like Michael Turner, wanted by Tyler police have been taken off the streets.

A Crimefighters tip led authorities to his whereabouts at a home in Mesquite.

By the time authorities arrived the home was a crime scene.  At Turner's admission he shot and killed the mother of his two children.

"He probably got wind that he was on TV in the East Texas area and knew that we were hot on his trail and looking for him," says Martin.

The credit for Crimefighters success so far, goes to you East Texas.  As your tips help further the initiative of cleaning up East Texas neighborhoods.

Christine Nelson, Reporting