Aviation Company Makes National Show

Aerosmith aviation of Longview has a unique niche in the aircraft industry that has landed them a spot on the Discovery and Science channels' How It's Made show.

"We've been painting aircraft for 20 years and doing interiors on anything from small general aviation airplanes to business jets," said company spokesperson Joy Haugh.

How It's Made will show people all over the country how this East Texas company gets the job done.

"That's something that people don't think about. People are very familiar with the car painting industry but just don't realize that airplanes need to be painted, too," Haugh said.

And Aerosmith Aviation doesn't just do commercial aircraft, they also do military. They have contracts for more military units like the army's Sherpa transport planes. It takes manpower and the right venue to paint aircraft.

"We get to do some fun schemes here, ranging from elaborate schemes and striping's" said Haugh.

When the show began to shoot behind the scenes, it took some workers by surprise.

"Its just a real neat opportunity that we're on there" said Haugh.

They paint around 70 aircraft a year.  And if you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it.

"Check out our web site, we'll give you a quote," kidded Haugh.

The episode featuring Aerosmith Aviation will start airing Friday and run through Christmas Day.

Bob Hallmark reporting.