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12/16/08-Gregg County

Gregg County Sheriff's Office Receives Grant Money for DWI Enforcement Effort

  Gregg County Commissioners Court approved a grant authorizing the Gregg County Sheriff's Office to participate in the Texas "Drink, Drive, Go to Jail" campaign funded by the Texas Department of Transportation.   The Sheriff's Office has been awarded $15,000.00 for this program providing the necessary resources to conduct DWI enforcement throughout the holiday periods for the late 2008 - 2009 year project.
  Sheriff Maxey Cerliano is very pleased with the results of this program which targets DWI offenders using Gregg County roadways.  The Sheriff said, "This program works well, due to the efforts of the deputies who lawfully and successfully apprehend the intoxicated driver.  Obviously this program had a successful outcome in Gregg County and is a huge win, for everyone involved."  Stopping the violator prevents a potential intoxication assault offense, which is why this program was designed.  Hopefully, the mere knowledge of extra DWI enforcement units deployed to target the intoxicated driver will reduce those violators who choose to drink and drive. 
  "We look forward to another opportunity to participate in this program which has a starting enforcement period of December 19, 2008" Sheriff Cerliano states.  The Sheriff's Office will utilize deputies to intensify patrol enforcement in areas of Gregg County to reduce the number of DWI-related crashes, injuries and fatalities and to increase enforcement of DWI laws.  
  According to Chief Deputy Chuck Willeford, the Christmas/New Year's effort will begin on December 19, 2008 running through January 4, 2009.  This enforcement period will enable the public to see an increase in coordinated saturation of patrols within high risk locations.  In addition to this, deputies will participate again in STEP on or about Spring Break, Independence Day and Labor Day of 2009.  As these particular high peak times approach, media advisories will alert citizens of the impending program and the progress made during the prior enforcement periods.






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