Lost Children Problem at ET State Fair

Every day, thousands of people come to the East Texas State Fair. It's tough for some families to stay together.

Eleven year-old Chris Pope was missing from his brother, Roger. "He was at the talent show and I went over to buy something, and he just disappeared." Chris came to the Kiddie Korral, a new feature from the Sheriff's Department.

"We know how easy it is for kids to get separated form their parents," Major Bobby Garmon of the Sheriff's Department explained. "We have a place where we can keep them all in one location. "

Garmon says they have a full day's work. "We have sometimes fifteen at a time in the Kiddie Korral."

Chris's brother Roger finally showed about twenty minutes later. "I was kind of nervous," he said. "I thought that he was somewhere else. I didn't know where he was until they told me."

Sometimes it's harder to reunite the families. Garmon says, "Sometimes we have to take some home. Sometimes, we can get some right away, sometimes it'll be hours before we find their parents and stuff."