East Texas Abstinence Program Pushes Virginity To Rule In School

Recently ABC's 20/20 Primetime came to East Texas to profile the East Texas Abstinence Program. As KLTV 7 LaKecia Shockley reports despite a sea doubters, the "Virginity Rules" program is marching on.

Dabi Simpson is an Abstinence Coordinator, along with Eric Love for Virginity Rules. "Let's face it, kids are bombarded every day with media that says that sex is ok, it's fun, and everybody's doing it. The reality is that 52 percent of teenagers that are in high school are not sexually active and that's the message that we take to teens," said Love.

The East Texas Abstinence program is taking that message around from billboards to the "Virginity Rules" van. Despite losing federal funding, the East Texas Abstinence Program is still being funded by the state and school districts like White Oak are helping out too.

"25 of our school districts in East Texas decided that they would purchase our curriculum for us, so it helps us to continue to promote the abstinence message," said Love.

"I hope that if the students have had any type of sexual relations at this point that the "Virginity Rules" program might turn them around to have an abstinent life here on out," said Stacey Hall, an 8th Grade teacher at White Oak Middle School.

After students go through a 10 lesson abstinence education curriculum, they can chose to sign a card vowing to remain abstinent until marriage.

LaKeica Shockley, Reporting lshockley@kltv.com