Toddler Killed In Weather Related Accident

The accident report details it all. It says Kent and Ramy Jisha were driving home towards Yantis, their 14-month old daughter, Alanna, strapped in her car seat. But just after 11 pm Monday night, Ramy hit a dangerous patch of ice over a Lake Fork Bridge and lost control.

"Hit the guardrail, it actually rolled down an embankment into the water," said DPS Trooper Brandon Owens.

Their Ford Excursion sank some 15 feet in near freezing waters.

"Way I understand it, the parents got out but just couldn't rescue the child still stuck in the car seat," said Trooper Owens.

Kent reportedly dove back in to try and rescue his little girl, but it would take divers with the Quitman Fire Department to reach her.

"Some deputies tried to get in but just couldn't do it because it was so cold," said Trooper Owens.

The family was transported to a hospital, but Alanna died just two hours later. Grieving the loss of their only child, the Jisha's would not talk on camera.

"It's very sad to happen at any time but especially at a holiday season," said Wood County Sheriff Dwaine Daugherty.

Law enforcement says it's amazing the parents were able to get out with minor injuries.

"It could've gotten everybody real easy in this type temperature and that cold of water," said Trooper Owens.  "Could have gotten everyone."

Alanna's body has been sent to Dallas for an autopsy. Funeral arrangements will be at West Oaks Funeral Home. The date and time are still pending.

Courtney Lane, Reporting