Free Seminar Helps Children Stay Safe

As daily headlines feature abductions and Amber Alerts, the subject of child safety is a major issue in America. Concerned parents were invited to a free seminar Saturday morning at New Covenant Church, dealing with ways to keep children safe.

Subjects included common lures used to attract children, and keeping your kids safe on the Internet. Even though the subject matter may have been a bit frightening, authorities say it's necessary to raise awareness.

Speaker Dr. Bob Sperry said, "It's not meant to scare people, it's really meant to help them to be able to be aware of things, to be educated about things and to prevent things."

The speakers advise parents to listen to children, and let them know they can talk to you about any situation. Teach them about setting boundaries, and trusting their instincts. Get involved with them, and know where they are at all times. And practice safety skills with your children, rehearsing what they should do in a dangerous situation.

The most important factor in keeping your kids safe is a simple one, keep the lines of communication open.