A Better East Texas: Challenge the impact you might have on our society

As a manager of a television station I'm reminded almost daily of the impact media might have on our society. On the other hand, like you I often share the hopelessness of the impact one individual might have on the national character.  I can tell you, for what it's worth that as I write these commentaries each week I question my sense of responsibility in doing the right thing and the impact my words might have on those who hear them.

If you celebrate Christmas this week I challenge you to question your sense of responsibility and the impact you might have on our society.

Chances are, the crisis facing many individuals and families today will lead them to your church, especially this week, but also in weeks to come, as they seek refuge or answers, or maybe just a compassionate face. This is your chance to influence them and maybe the character of our community. Seek out someone you havent met yet, particularly if they're a new face. Don't rely on church leaders or the usual people to do it. You'll make this a better east Texas and a merry Christmas.