A Better East Texas: Kilgore Code Enforcement

The City of Kilgore is ramping up in the fight against deadbeat property owners.  Code Enforcement Officer Justin Windham is armed with a digital camera and searches the streets of Kilgore for property that is a safety hazard or a public nuisance.

He takes pictures of the offending property, the owners are then notified of the code violation and then they can improve or demolish the structures on the property.  There is an eventual economic benefit as well because if the property is not improved, the city will demolish any buildings and could eventually move the property ownership back to city.

The property can then be resold or developed benefitting the community and getting it back on the tax rolls.  Neighboring residents are grateful and feedback to Officer Windham has been positive.

Perhaps other cities in East Texas need to take note of the Kilgore example.  Everyone has a method of enforcing their building codes but - as is the case with many government systems - they are bogged down.  Kilgore currently has 24 structures in the process that will eventually be cleaned up - one way or the other. Thanks for beautifying our community Kilgore and for making this a better east Texas.