A Million Dollar Question

After this weekend, the Texas Lotto Commission will drop the initial Lotto Jackpot Texans can win from $4 million to $3 million dollars.

"Less people will play now," says Jason Brb. "Sluggish sales this year and low interest rates made the action "un-avoidable" according to the lotto commission.

To put it in perspective, Texans bought $96 million dollars less in lottery tickets for the 2002 fiscal year. That decrease caused the commission to use up its reserve fund that helps pay out guaranteed prizes to lucky lotto winners.

East Texans feelings are mixed about a dwindling lotto jackpot.

"You're only taking a chance at winning," says Rosa Loya. "You don't know if you are or if you aren't but if it was one million I would still play."

"That's not fair," says Callie Patterson.

Some Texans we talked to actually think their odds of becoming a millionaire will be greater with the $3 million dollar jackpot.

That's because less people usually play when there's a smaller prize.

The change will take effect after Saturday's $4 million dollar jackpot drawing.