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9/27/02 - Smith County

Smith County Animal Control Still Working, For Now

For now, every day, animal control is out in Smith County looking for stray animals. Constable Charles Wilson says some of the animals "have been pitched out. Been out by themselves for three, four, five months, having to depend on food wherever they can scavenge it."

Since August of 2002, animal control on the north side of the county has picked up over twelve hundred dogs. If the arrangement is ended, those animals would probably remain.

Animal Control Officer Terry Brunk says, "It would be an increase in the number of strays again. By no means have we picked up every stray, but over the last few years, we've made a pretty good dent in it."

Constable Wilson added, "If it's closed down, where are the dogs going? They're back out on the roads and street like they have been for years with no one to take care of them."

Friday, Animal Control picked up another abandoned dog, this one pregnant and about to deliver. "Looks like she's due to have pups any day," Constable Wilson said. "When that happens, everything's out there starving to death."

Homeowner Perry Jones called, because on a fixed income she couldn't afford to take care of another dog, much less pups. But without the Humane Society, she wouldn't have made the call.

"If they're going to kill and destroy these animals, I would have never called," she said. "I would have taken it to the Humane Society myself."

Through Monday, Perry can count on the county to handle her problem humanely. After that, it may be up to her.

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