Lobo Fans Seeking State Title

They've been there before, but this year Longview football fans believe this is the year the Lobo's will bring home a state championship.   The Longview Lobo's have been to the state title game many times before , but have come away empty, but this year, fans think that will be different.

"But I think this one shows who's going to get it this time. We made it this far might as well make it the rest of the way" says Lobo fan Gary Jones.

"I think they're going to go all the way. I do, its been a long time" says longtime Lobo fan Shirley Patterson.

After dramatic overtime wins against Waco-Midway and Denton-Guyer,  fans think there's something special about this team.

"They're going all the way, they're going. This is the year they'll do it" says Ruby Hawn.

In previous powerhouse years, Longview dominated the season only to stumble in the playoffs, but even the players know there's something unique going on.

"We don't like to give up and we never will give up" says Lobo's starting linebacker Cris Weaver.

Young and old have caught Lobo fever.

"I want them to just go and play their hearts out" says Hawn.

Longview takes on Lake Travis High School for the state title next week.

Bob Hallmark reporting bhallmark@kltv.com