Thousands Pack Local Gun Show in Fear of Obama Administration

Gun and ammo sales continue to rise across Texas, and it's not just because of the holiday season.  As KLTV 7 first told you last month, fear has struck gun owners that the Obama Administration will tighten gun laws, and this weekend's High Caliber Gun and Knife Show in Tyler was proof of that.

Thousands turned out for the gun show at Harvey Convention Center this weekend.  Show organizers say they are worried Obama will put restrictions on gun shows, things like checking every gun that comes in and forcing shows to register a gun in a licensed dealers' book.

"Some people may not want to go through that record keeping session, and they may not bring their guns in for our dealers to buy, especially those dealers that specialize in high quality used guns," said Show Floor Manager Gerald Bonner.

"It's a great trading environment, you now, you can come to a one stop place and you know if you have extra magazines like I had today, I can deal them to a guy that deals in magazines, and I was able to buy a set of cribs for my pistol," said shopper Jack Slack.  "It's just that type of marketplace that if they close it down I don't know what's going to happen."

Besides restrictions on gun shows, the president elect's views on gun control include supporting a national ban on concealed carry laws.  Now, Bonner tells us they saw the same type of fear from gun owners after Clinton was elected.

Molly Reuter, Reporting.