It's snowing in East Texas for Holiday In The Park

Thousands of East Texas children and their families are expected to make their way to Bergfeld Park in Tyler this weekend for Holiday In The Park.  KLTV 7 has decided to join in on the fun by sponsoring the event along with the Salvation Army.  The popular snow hill is also back.

Workers with Texas Snowfest formed the hill Friday afternoon one board at a time.

"We do this in about 25 cities for the month around the holidays, and we need a hill, and we can't find any in Texas, so we build our own," said Texas Snowfest Owner Pete Guerra.  Pete Guerra of Texas Snowfest says there's just something about snow that brings out the child in him.  It's the reason he and several Texas A&M students created a winter wonderland.

"We do it in one particular city where we will shoot the snow up in the air and there's thousands of little kids, and it's like we're shooting off fireworks, so it's just a nice thing for people, you know obviously some people see it, but for most they don't," said Guerra.  It may look like snow, but it's actually bags of ice donated by Super 1 Foods.  In the next two days, Guerra says they will use anywhere from 80,000 to 100,000 pounds of ice.

"It keeps itself," said Guerra.  "It will melt, but it's been so cold these past few weeks, it doesn't melt much."  The city of Tyler says Holiday In The Park is something the entire family can enjoy.  With inner tubes of all sizes, if you can brave it, the city says go for a slide.

"Our whole parks crew works so hard to help take care of this event, and just to see the smiles on those children's faces when they come down that hill, it's priceless," said City of Tyler Special Events Supervisor Debbie Isham.

Along with the snow hill, the city of Tyler has made this snow play area as well.  KLTV 7 will be at Bergfeld Park all day Saturday starting at 11:00 a.m. when the Snow events open.  Remember to bring a toy for the Salvation Army's Angel Tree.  You will then get a coupon to have your picture taken with Santa Scirto.  He'll arrive around 5:00 p.m.

Molly Reuter, Reporting.