Jacksonville Fighting Feral Hog Invasion

Feral hogs continue to be a problem for many East Texas counties, but one city may be setting the example on how to deal with them.  The city of Jacksonville has declared war on the invaders.

"Its war as far as we're concerned because we're going to do what we can and we're going to fight back" says Jacksonville mayor Dr. Robert Haberle.

"The city's incurred damage from feral hogs just like the citizens have" says city public works director Will Cole.

The Jacksonville City Council unanimously voted to give the city power to eradicate feral hogs from within the city limit through extensive trapping. Working with state wildlife agencies , the city has purchased numerous traps to catch the invaders.

Only about 3-quarters of a mile from downtown Jacksonville, dozens of traps are set out in residential areas not just to catch 1 or 2 but to catch dozens at a time, and hopefully make a dent in the problem. They've destroyed lawns and property all over the Jacksonville area.

"We feel sympathetic and frustrated along with the citizens, this is a problem in our state" the mayor says.

But this is not a magic bullet, the goal is control.

"We're not going to be able to eradicate feral hogs in East Texas, what we're trying to do within the city of Jacksonville is just reduce the numbers where they're less of a nuisance to citizens" Cole says.

And hopefully the hogs will stay away.

"We'll try to be a proactive as we can as aggressive as we can" Haberle says.

If you live in Jacksonville city limits,  and have a problem with feral hogs, you can give the city a call to arrange trapping. The trapped animals will be disposed of by the city.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com