New Set of Wheels Entices TISD Students to Stay in School

Come Monday morning when the bell rings at John Tyler, Robert E. Lee and Pace High Schools, students will have an enticing reason to stay in school.

"It's incredible, some students at John Tyler may not have the financial opportunity to have a car," says Cami Gueguen. "When skipping is such an option everyday in any class, it's quite a way of thinking twice about it and taking it a little more seriously."

As serious as, TISD, Crown Motor Company and KLTV are about rewarding a student with a 2003 Isuzu Rodeo for their commitment to academics, attendance and citizenship.

"We know that student success is directly related to time on task," says Superintendent Dr. David Simmons. "So being there is great part of going to school, having a job and being successful in life."

Here's the challenge: All eligible TISD students must maintain a 70 grade point average or better in all courses. Also, they can't have more than four excused or unexcused absences per period from September 30th to May 14th. And the students must avoid an alternative education assignment.

"Going to class is the main focus of high school," says Eric Perez. "And maybe some students will be turned in the right direction staying in school not being truant."

At the end of the school year, 11 student finalists, randomly selected will be given a set of keys. One will start the ignition of a Crown Isuzu Rodeo, but all the students will have driven to excellence.