Delek's Tyler refinery expected to be back online in May

Delek US Holdings announced today that full operations at Tyler's Delek refinery won't resume until May, after repairs from the deadly November 20th explosion and an operations overhaul are planned.

The overhaul of the saturated gas unit, where the explosion began, along with a naptha hydrotreater and a control room that 'burnt up' in the explosion will immediately begin, after originally being planned for the end of 2009.

Delek's refining chief Fred Green said the repairs would cost around $30 million, of which Delek will have to pay $5 million with the rest covered by insurance.

Green said hydrocarbons are still being removed from the saturated gas unit and the naphtha hydrotreater so investigators can examine in detail exactly what caused the November explosion.

Two workers, Dale Sharman and Jim Hammett, died in a Dallas hospital in the few weeks following the blast, and more were injured.

Cathryn Khalil /