Where Are The Jobs?

A recent college grad, Anthony Emmel's career search has been a full time job. With a history degree in hand...he didn't plan on being out of work...hoping to find work with longevity, "Job's that we have now may not be around in ten years from now."

That's where Bob Dubois comes in, a staffing specialist, "The key right now is to focus on an area you see with growth in it."

Based on hiring and layoff trends...a field with the fastest average growth is computer and information systems. But the key is to know what sector of computers. You see, computer programming jobs are tough to find, while the networking world is becoming a lucky pic for TJC student Luis Olmos, "I thought about going into computers, but I didn't realize how hot the job would be right now."

Other fields making the grade is the medical industry--physician assistants have a 53 percent growth...and registered nurses with 26 percent...and 62 percent for home healthcare worker. Meanwhile, social workers--they're adding some 30 percent of growth. While the quest for the perfect job may include knowing where the jobs are, Dubois says selling yourself is how to get one, "Nowadays you have to specifically target a job with a marque that basically says, 'Here is why I'm perfect for this job."

Staffing specialists say most jobs with longevity will require education and continual training. But, some promising fields without training include customer service--from cashiers to cooks, and medical office work.