Former Cowboy Gowin talks about playoff hunt

The Holiday season is traditionally not so good to the Dallas Cowboys. December at Texas Stadium has seen sub-500 performances for years, former Cowboys punter Toby Gowin says the players have the same kinds of holiday stresses that everyone else does.

"It's Christmas," Gowin said, "you're trying to focus on the game and getting in the playoffs, but you also need to go shopping, or go to the Galleria. There's a lot of distractions this time of year."

With three games left, the Cowboys are looking for a wild card spot. Gowin says even having a chance at the playoffs keeps the excitement level high.

"As a team going into the season, you want the chance to make the playoffs," Gowin said. "That's the goal. They still have that, and to still have the opportunity to get there is a strong motivation. I've been on some teams where that wasn't the case."

Dallas still controls their own destiny, but Gowin played for Jerry Jones. He warns falling short could result in some postseason changes.

"If they don't make the playoffs, you'll probably see some changes. Obviously, they're missing something."