shares with your favorite charities as you browse

Did you know just by searching the internet you can give money to your favorite charity? It's called More than 71,000 charities and schools are participating, with a hundred new groups joining each day. KLTV 7's Danielle Capper explains what it is and how some East Texans are jumping on the bandwagon.

By just a few clicks, your charity of choice hears this.

"It blew my mind when I noticed it...and I thought, oh wow, are other people going to this," said Lisa Johnson with Grace Community School.

Lisa Johnson with Grace Community School said when she heard of it, it just seemed so easy.By going to, and choosing the school or a charity, they can earn money.

"If you use their search engine - every search it's just a minute amount. But as often as I have to Google things, or search for things online - if I do it through their portal, it benefits the school," said Lisa.

The school or charity of your choice earns .01 cent per search, but there's more. The company's shopping site,, features 700 retailers, each giving a percentage of what you spend to charity.

"You can actually give money without having to actually give it physically. By doing things like searching or online shopping you can use those engines to give money to a charity you care deeply about," said Dr. Andrew Clark, the director of organizational development at Mercy Ships.

And while it may not be much, the donations do add up. This past year, East Texas-based Mercy Ships earned almost $300 from the site.

"Every dollar that we have can help to change someone's life. Whether it is someone who is blind that can see again or someone with a cleft lip and pallet. For three hundred dollars we can do each of those surgeries. It is so important to not look at the big picture but to look at the individuals you can help," said Dr. Clark.

And now that the word is out, those who give and receive are sure to multiply.

Danielle Capper, reporting.