Barbershops Not a Forgotten Part of Americana

"Are we going to give you a flat top," says Ron McDaniel. Step inside Ronald's Barbershop in Tyler and step back in time

"It's just about like the ones I used to go to when I was in my teens," says Harrold.

Except it was a dollar a cut back then, now it's a whopping $9.00 to do the same thing today.

"I sit here and hear about the old times and how it used to be in the barber shop," Rodolpho Viramontes.

Elijah's a regular of Ronald's. Like most at this two seat barbershop, he's in search of more than a good cut.

"He gives me a call every once in a while to check on me and I give him a call to let him know I am sending someone his way," says Elijah Logan. "It's better than going to some old place where you just sit down and sign in."

A relic in its own right, Ronald's Barbershop was passed on from his dad.

"I had a guy that taught barber college," says McClain. "And the old way of hair cuts and he said it has gone out and I said no not if I can help it."

Not much has changed inside these barbershop walls. To this day, customers sit back, maybe pick up a paper, then wait their turn to add to the humor on the walls.

"I said son I can't cut your hair that way," says McClain. "That's against the law he said I don't know why not you did it to me last time."

Ron's job description isn't limited to cutting hair.

"If you've been in barbers long enough you are kind of a counselor too."

"I've had people come in and I've babysat for them."

Despite wearing many hats, what this barber of 42 years wants to be known for are his high and tights and flat tops.

"It satisfies my wife so that is okay with me," Jesse Wilder. "Ya got to get it cut for her you know."
   While barbershops may be tucked away in the community today, the little piece of Americana is neither gone nor forgotten.

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