Restaurants That Scored A Perfect 100

McDonald's at 4014 S. Broadway in Tyler was one of a number of Smith County restaurants with perfect scores on their latest visit from the health department.

Also on the list of 100's:

Steak Out, 2127 S. Broadway, Tyler

Taco Bell, 3808 S. Broadway, Tyler

KFC, 3630 Troup Hwy., Tyler

Daniel Boone's Bean & Burger, 3020 SSW Loop 323, Tyler

Circle M Crawfish/Double D Sausage 14801 Hwy. 110 S. in Whitehouse

A&W 1817 ESE Loop 323 Tyler

Subway, 601 Hwy 110 N, Whitehouse

Skip's and Bailey's, 312 W. Martin Luther King, Tyler

North Side Tastee Delight, 1803 W. Gentry, Tyler

Pepper's, 21138 Hwy. 155, near Lake Palestine

Manny's Amigos, 21135 Hwy. 155, near Lake Palestine

Burger King, 4113 S. Broadway, Tyler

Donut Factory, 213 W. Main, in Bullard

Chakula Cafe, Caldwell Zoo, Tyler