City Pushes Forth With Future Water Plans

Cities like Dallas are looking in East Texas for more water, but East Texans have water plans of their own. The City of Tyler is completing a water plant in Smith County that will handle 30 million gallons of water a day.

The city approved a $14.3 million dollar bond sale Wednesday morning to ensure the project's completion. Since 1965, the city has owned water rights in Lake Palestine, says Gregory Morgan with Tyler Water Utilities.

"It's not like you wake up one day and realize you are out of water," says Morgan. "Planning for water is a long term process, and it has a large impact on the growth of a city."

The city council expects to have the Lake Palestine Water Treatment Plant operating by May. The water will be pumped from Lake Palestine and shipped through underground pipes to a plant in Smith County.

The new plant will double Tyler's water supply.

"We will have gone from the ability to produce 40 million gallons of water each day, to producing 72 milling gallons," says Morgan.