Tyler West Nile Case Has Some On Edge

The first reported West Nile case of the three was in Southwest Tyler.  It was confirmed Tuesday night.

A dead blue jay was found in the 3900 Block of Post Oak Road.

Resident Rosa Murphy:  "We're really concerned. I have a newborn and as of yesterday, we're not going to take him for a walk around the neighborhood."

It's a new fact of life for her.  Instead of the summer heat or winter cold keeping her from taking her baby outside, the threat of West Nile is enough.

"We're just going to take precautions and stay probably at home," she says.  Tyler's first West Nile case is on her street... Post Oak Road.  Children and the elderly are most at risk, but in the early morning and the late evening, Rosa's going to change her plans to head outside. "We heard everything on the news, I think it's [outside activity] going to stop."

Chris Lennon heads through the muck... to where the problem is born. Standing water fills a drainage ditch in Southwest Tyler.

"Until the weather gets down to about 60 degrees and stays 60 degrees, we'll continue to need to do mosquito control," he says.

It's a never ending battle through the summer and the fall.

"I'm putting it on standing water to kill the larva."  Though the problem with standing water is not that much worse than previous years, he thinks their calls at the health department have probably tripled.

Experts assume when there's one case in a county, West Nile is probably just about everywhere. That makes Rosa nervous, at least right now, from settling in to her new house.

"We got a call yesterday from our parents or grandparents concerning that we should probably move back to our old house."