Team Chemistry Powering Tigers’ Playoff

In an earlier KLTV 7 feature of the Daingerfield Tigers, we told you the team's playoff motto of "Guaranteed One More."

The Tigers guaranteed one more playoff game last Saturday and a spot in the state semifinals with a 21-18 win over Newton.

The Tigers were last in the state semifinals in 2002. Their last state championship was in 1985. This year's team has a high power offense and a brick wall defense, but players and coaches say their real strength is team chemistry.

"X's and O's are important," coach Barry Bowman said, "but when it gets right down to it, it's about building relationships with kids and getting those kids to believe in what you are doing and us believing in them. So far, that's kind of paid dividends for us."

"We just got to keep it up and stay focused," inside linebacker Carl Moore said, "and don't get big headed and stay together as a team."

Daingerfield and Blanco play Friday night, December 12, at Texas Stadium at 7:30 p.m.