Family of Delek Refining victim sit down with KLTV

Hammett passed away last week from his injuries suffered during the Delek Refining explosion back on November 20th.  "He was funny," said Jim's daughter Jamie Hammett.  "He had a big heart and an off color sense of humor."  Jim  Hammett's daughter Jamie and wife Diane can only smile when they think about the man they loved so much.

"He was totally dedicated to his work and providing for us, but he was also a very funny guy, and that's one of the things that made me fall in love with him," said Diane.  Diane met her husband when they were both just 14 years-old.  They married at the age of 20 and had two children together, Jamie and their son Dustin.  Diane says their birthday's were only 13 days apart.

"The accident happened on November 20th, and the weekend, that next weekend we had planned to go celebrate our birthdays together," said Diane.  Tragically, Diane says she was across the street at the McMurry Federal Credit Union when the explosion happened.  Diane says she knew right away it was where Jim worked.

"I found out they were taking people to the hospital, and I found him there," said Diane.  It's been the toughest two weeks of their lives, but Diane and Jamie say their faith and the community have helped them get through this difficult time.

"The support has been overwhelming and very touching and humbling," said Jamie.  Though they are going to miss him, Diane and Jamie say nothing can take away their love.

"I've lost my best friend, and he was everything to me," said Diane.  "He was just everything, but I know he's in a good place.  I still feel him.  When you love somebody that much, I don't believe even death can tear you apart."

Jim also leaves behind three grandchildren.  His family told KLTV 7 they hope his death and the death of Dale Sharman, 49 will make Delek Refining a safer place to work, so no other families have to go through what they are.

Molly Reuter, Reporting.