The Bible On Your Ear; An East Texas Man's Invention

It's a new gadget that you probably haven't heard of. The entire bible in a cordless audio player that looks just like a blue tooth.

Three years ago Chris Lascelles of Lindale had the idea.

"It started small. It's kinda one of those begin in your garage type things," said Chris, "And I thought wouldn't it be great if you could put the whole Bible into a little device that hooked into your ear with no other cables or cords."

Chris says one step at a time God opened up the doors, and it's definitely been an adventure.

"I was in Brazil speaking at a conference about some work in China that we are doing. I went to lunch that day after having prayed in the morning 'God I need a break through for how to take this ear bible to the next step'," Chris prayed, "At lunch I'm sharing with a friend who you need to meet. I have a friend in South Africa who is a industrial designer who designs blue tooth headsets for Motorola and Cingular."

From there it started rolling Chris gathered a development team of those from across the globe. Now three years later the first batch of Ear Bible's are about to leave their South African production plant.

"We are very excited to get them shipped out and see people using it," said Chris.

On the little device is the entire bible in the New American Standard version, something Chris, from New Zealand, voiced himself. In all it's 75 hours of audio, but Chris says that shouldn't be listening just 30 minutes a day a person could listen to the whole thing twice in a year.

"When you think of your commuting, your cleaning, various mundane tasks you have. You can extract some value out of that time by becoming more familiar with the Bible," said Chris.

Something Chris says, people may need in these difficult times.

"We are in a time of shaking. Where everything that can be is the economy, so on," said Chris, "Isaiah 40:8 it says 'The grass withers and the flowers fade but the word of God it endures forever.' And so were really hoping that people will use this tool they will be able to take ahold of that which is unshakeable."

The Ear Bible costs $150, has a mini USB connection that allows users to charge through their computer and add additional files to the device. The simple user friendly device will play for 6-7 hours per charge and can be re-charged in just an hour.

Danielle Capper, Reporting