Who is a Tylerite Jeopardy Contestant for 1000, Alex

Melissa Mayo isn't just a Jeopardy fan, she's also a contestant.

"I went to the audition and there was a written test. And then if you pass the written test, then you do a mock version of Jeopardy with the buzzer and the categories and things. And if you pass that, they put you on a list to maybe be called in the next year for Jeopardy."

Melissa was called. She flew out to LA to meet Alex Trebeck. "One lady asked him why he shaved off his mustache and he said it was so that he could be played better by the guy that does the Celebrity Jeopardy [on Saturday Night Live]."

By competing on the show, Melissa also became a part of the show she's watched since childhood. "It was more fun than I could ever imagine. And that doesn't usually happen. That something you've dreamed of for that long a time, and you finally get to do it, and it's absolutely more fun than you could ever imagine."

So, how did she do? "A lot of it depends upon what questions they ask and if they happen to be up your alley or not."

We can't tell you the outcome, but we can say Melissa did very well. Her episode of Jeopardy airs on Monday morning at 11 here on Channel 7.