Lobo Superfans Thrilled With State Semifinals Berth

No one loves the Lobos like D.A. Benton and Ralph Bailey. The two old friends have history with the team.

KLTV 7 Sports first introduced you to D.A. in September. The 97-year-old has not missed a Lobo home game since 1947.

"Man I've never been so excited over a football game," D.A. Said. "I tell you, it's really been a thrill."

Ralph Bailey has been a season ticket holder since 1949. He was given a lifetime pass from the Lobos to attend any athletic event. He first fell in love with the teams when he fell in love with his future wife.

"I just love them Lobos," Ralph said. "I got interested in the Lobos and got to where I wouldn't miss basketball, baseball, football was my favorite. Before last year, I didn't miss a workout!"

Ralph and D.A. have witnessed trips to the semifinals, even the finals, but D.A. was there for the Lobos championship win in 1937.

"We really did enjoy that game," D.A. said. "They played the championship on Christmas Day. My wife and I went of course to Dallas at the Cotton Bowl."

After 60 years of watching Lobo teams, D.A. and Ralph said this year's squad looks like a championship team.

"I rate them as one of the best we've had in several, several years," Ralph said.

"I believe this one is the best now," D.A. explained. "They are faster. Out at the Lobo Stadium this year, I've seen two of the best football games I've ever seen in high school."

The superfans don't get to travel much these days, but when their Lobos are on the road, they always stay tuned. Sometimes games like Saturday's overtime thriller against Waco Midway can be a little too much to even listen to.

"I had to turn the radio off and get my wife to tell me what to do," Ralph laughed.

Health and age will keep Ralph and D.A. from making the trip to the state title game and this weekend's matchup.

"Game starts at eight o'clock and that's time to go to bed," D.A. said.

But they will hang on every whisper of each play and can only imagine what it will feel like to call their team, state champions.

"It would just mean another star on my crown!" Ralph laughed.

Longview plays Denton Guyer in the state semifinals, Saturday, December 13, at 8:00 p.m. at Texas Stadium.