Scout hospitalized after parade accident back at school today

Today, 7 year old Dakota Partain went back to school, just one week after he was run over by a pick-up truck at the Overton - New London Christmas parade. In his own words, he talks about what happened to KLTV 7's Layron Livingston.

It's learning lab time for Dakota, who is a first grader at West Rusk Elementary. He says today was, "pretty good."

Things are a little different today. Dakota had to temporarily change rooms because of his wheelchair.

Dakota was standing on the side of the road last Monday night in Overton. He was getting ready to march with his fellow tiger cubs in the annual parade, his first parade as a scout. Moments later, an 83 year old man drove around a barricade and into Dakota and the pack of scouts.

"My leader pushed me and then I fell down...that's when the truck ran over my leg," said Dakota.

Jessica Birss says she was at the other end of the parade route when she found out what happened to her son.

"I was crazy," said Jessica. "By the time I got to him, he was already on a stretcher."

Dakota was flown to Children's in Dallas with a broken right femur. He had surgery the following day.

"That shows where the doctors had to not cut it...they had to put rods in it," described Dakota.

"We're very lucky...he shouldn't have any growth issues or any problems with that," said Jessica.

Today at school, it was all hugs and helping hands - getting back to first grade as normal.

"He's so lovey-dovey...all the teachers love him," said Jessica.

And his mom is very grateful.

"Oh, it could have been so much worse if Kim hadn't pushed him, and I knew she pushed him down," said Jessica.  As for the driver of the pick-up - Jessica feels the situation could have been handled differently.

"If it was anyone else, he'd still be in jail right now."

But one thing is certain, Dakota is looking forward to tonight's cub scout meeting, and maybe even a future parade or two.

When we asked him if he would ever be in another parade again. He replied, "As long as anything's not on the road!"

Rusk County officials say at this time, no further charges have been brought against the driver. One scout, 7 year old Colby Brooks, remains in serious condition at Children's Hospital in Dallas.

Layron Livingston, reporting.