Young couple's Winona home burns to the ground

A young East Texas couple has been forced to start over after a fire destroys their home. The Winona couple lived in the 300 block of Johnson Road. The fire started around 1:30 Saturday afternoon. As KLTV 7's Molly Reuter explains, their home is not the only loss the couple is now having to deal with.

"Friday I get laid off, and Saturday the house burns down," said Kevin.

One after the other - 24 year old Kevin Harris of Winona losses his job at Carrier, and then his home. Kevin and his wife 23 year old Ashley Harris say they were Christmas shopping Saturday when they got a phone call.

"I got the phone call and hung up and got another phone call from another friend, and they said it was on fire, and I guess that's when we started getting here just as fast we could because we knew the dog was in the house," said Ashley.

Tragically, their dog, Sissy, did not survive the fire. It's another loss that Kevin and Ashley say they are most upset about.

"We've had her since we moved into together probably four years ago. She was a Catahoula mixed dog. She was part of the family," said Ashley.

Fire investigators say they still don't know the exact cause of the fire. It started in the living room and spread from there. Kevin and Ashley say they believe it was an electrical fire.

"I think everything that didn't catch on fire, suffered smoke and heat damage," said Ashley.

Something they are grateful for, Kevin and Ashley say is the support they are getting from friends and family.

"Our neighbors have been so good and our friends and family," said Ashley.

"It means a lot to us. It really does. We can't thank everybody enough," said Kevin.

Fortunately, the couple did have insurance, but they lost everything inside their home. A fund has been set up in their name at all Southside Bank locations.

Molly Reuter, reporting.