Longview Teacher Recieves Statewide Honor

A good teacher can take a subject and make it come alive for the student.

A Judson middle school teacher is credited with doing just that and has been named one of three finalist for the Texas secondary teacher of the year.

"She won't stay behind her desk. She'll get up and explain stuff to you," says student Casey Zager.

"She makes it fun 'cause normally I don't really like science," says another student Allison Werline.

and student, LaShonda Stinson says,"She just makes learning science easier."

Jan Johnson, a science teacher at Judson middle school, has been teaching for 29-years.

She's honored to be recognized by her peers.

"It's awesome. I feel so priveledged. I feel like I'm representing every teacher that I've ever taught with or ever come in contact with. It's just a wonderful honor," says Jan Johnson.

Mrs. Johnson rarely sits behind her desk. She's constantly helping her students challenging them to think beyond the obvious.

"I have consistency I like them to know what is due, how it's suppose to be done, when they come in, what they're suppose to do; The format of the class. So then from there I like things to be mysteries," says Mrs. Johnson. "We want successful students and not just successful students but successful thinkers. They can go out and do well in our world."

"She's more than just a teacher to me and more than a friend," says student April Hardeman.

And in the end whether or not Mrs. Johnson actually wins the title of Texas' teacher of the year it's obvious she's already gotten an A+ from her students.

The other two finalists for the Texas secondary teacher of the year are from San Angelo and Fort Bend.

The winner will be announced October 7th.