Little Celebrity: Bam Bam’s Talent Goes National

From global Internet surfers to New York City, folks are talking about ''Bam Bam.''

After sharing Omorrian Ford, a.ka. Bam Bam's story with East Yexas, the entire country took notice.

"I got a phone call and she said Bam Bam's on ''Good Morning America'' and I was like 'What?'" his mother Shaneka Ford said.

Thursday morning, America got a dose of Bam Bam during GMA's Watercooler segment. CNN aired the story, ''America's Got Talent'' has called and the list continues to grow.

"Jay Leno's show called me, the producer called me yesterday," Shaneka said. "They're thinking about doing a story on him. Then ''Inside Edition'' called and they want to come to John Tyler and do a little story on the band."

So how does Bam Bam feel about all the attention?

''He's not understanding it," Shaneka said. "I talked to him about it, the more people keep calling and wanting to see him. He's not shy in front of 10,000 football fans, but has not gotten used to the cameras yet."

KLTV 7 Sports asked Bam Bam what the kids at school are saying. "I saw you on TV," he replied.  When asked if that made him feel pretty special, Bam Bam was quick to respond with a yes.

It is also special for Michael Mims, the John Tyler drum major who offered Bam Bam the chance to join the band.

"I saw him from the back dancing and I pointed and was like, 'Who is that little kid right there?'" Michael said.  ''Usually people that do it, they're like eight years old, but he's five!"

Bam Bam's putting on the show while getting ahead in the classroom.

''He's an advanced reader and he got an academic excellence ribbon," Shaneka said proudly.

With brains and keeping beat, Bam Bam's potential is endless. The family could be flown to New York City to tape segments for several shows. But even stardom has it's limits.

When we asked mom Shaneka if Bam Bam still had to do his chours, "Oh yeah!"