The jobs are there if you know where to look

While layoffs and unemployment numbers cast a dark cloud over the economy, here in East Texas, good jobs can still be found. KLTV 7's Bob Hallmark has more on a brighter outlook for employment in some areas of our workforce.

While layoffs and cutbacks dominate national news, job hunting in East Texas is not quite so grim.

"We're starting to see people from other parts of the country actually look at Longview for job opportunities, not unlike the days of the Great Depression," said John Stroud, the LEDCO executive director.

From skills to professions, the workplace has numerous jobs if you know where to look.

"We're looking for people with welding skills, electronics skills," said Elisabeth Harrison, an Express Personnel Staffing consultant. "Delivery positions, warehouse, machine operating."

"There's a lot of opportunities in health care, we have a shortage of nurses, health care technicians and administrative personnel," said Stroud. "The energy industry right now is continuing to hold up well, We have a number of natural gas wells being produced in this area."

Manufacturing companies like Letourneau Technologies offer a wide variety of employment opportunities, but most high paying jobs are going to require some prior experience or at least retraining. Texas Workforce and Employment Agencies have training programs to help those like 26 year old Leslie Kirkley get back in the game.

"They help you with tutorials, if you need tutorials, for computers or for industrial type jobs," said Leslie. "I came in on a Thursday and had a job on Friday."

For now, the jobs are there. Training for various job skills are available through employment agencies like Express and the East Texas Workforce.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.