Sulphur Springs offense brings NASCAR to football field

Wildcats, start your engines.

Sulphur Springs has been hitting on all cylinders all year, with their fast-paced offensive scheme. They call it the NASCAR offense.

When we went to this camp, they said it was going to be a NASCAR-fast paced offense," quarterback Tyrik Rollison said. "We got used to it, and now we're rolling."

Quarterback Rollison has thrown for more than 3600 yards, and the Wildcats are scoring almost forty points a game, running the NASCAR offense wide open.

"It's awesome," lineman Jake Russell said. "You rely on your teammates to score, if everybody does their job, you're going to score. In NASCAR, you get it uptempo and go down the field."

"If they try and double-team someone, someone else is open," Rollison said. "We're balanced out."

Rollison is the driver, but the NASCAR offense relies on every part, every piece and piston to fire away. Nine different players have scored for the Wildcats, it's a team effort.

"It's easier because we know our scheme," Russell said. "You can rely on your teammates, you know their styles and routes. You know how long you need to block for them, so you can kind of position your body to block certain places."

"I just want to keep it rolling," Rollison said," and win a state championship."

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