DNA Ties Back Door Burglar To Store Robberies

Backdoor burglar Lawrence Madlock is now a suspect in two convenient store robberies.

Madlock's DNA matches DNA samples taken from a Kidd Jones convenience store and a Kulsom's Exxon in Southeast Tyler. A robber held-up both stores last September and left blood at both crime scenes. Police believe the suspect injured his hand while making his entry through a glass door. Surveillance video taken from the store shows the burglar threatening a clerk with his rifle.

Both cashiers were unharmed, but spent a year living in fear. Kelley Newman was working at Exxon and remembers the robber wearing a purple dress and scarf across his face. He and other employees say the news is a weight off their shoulders.

"It affected my business because sometimes you get scared and can't pay attention to your job," said Azad Akbar, owner of Kulsom's Exxon. "I'm relieved. My employees are relieved. That's what counts. I guess now, we can work freely with no fear."

Lawrence Madlock has not been charged with the robberies. Initially, detectives hoped DNA testing would connect Madlock to some of the sex assault cases in Tyler," says Tyler police department spokesperson Chris Moore. But as it turns out, the DNA did not match in those cases.