Is Christmas Here? At Some Stores, the Answer is Yes

To everything there is a season, except when it comes to shopping.

"I think you can shop for Christmas all year, I love that it's fall," says shopper Freda Crosby.

We're just through the Fourth and Labor Day. You'd expect a sale. But we're not to Halloween or Thanksgiving. Sales on those too.

At Hobby Lobby... except for a few aisles... Christmas is here.

Scott Groothuis, manager: "We receive all the Christmas trees we're standing by by the middle of March." On display since July. Fake of course. If not, "they'd all be dead by now."

Sharon Holton is in from jolly old England where the Jolly Red One has a tighter schedule. "I won't see it for two more months over there, but I do find it a little odd because it's too hot, it's too hot for Christmas."

"Christmas is expanding, it really is." says Linda Presley of Michael's. Craft stores like Michael's get their stock out faster. Those who make decorations need the time.

"By this time of year we are really pushing Christmas and everyone is pushing Christmas all the time," she says.

The question? Is it sooner every year that we hear the "ho ho ho"? Doreen Dooley thinks perhaps so. "I noticed it seemed to be happening,but I thought it was because I was getting older. (laughs)"

You can get a Santa and go, his beard won't grow. But check them all out... we found a fishing nutcracker Santa, cowboy Santa, golfing cowboy Santa, Santa singing on a buffalo. Or knock out two holidays with the July 4th snowman... Or the scarecrow snowman. That's Halloween and beyond. But, get them early.

Alyne Lansden does: "When everyone else is frantically shopping, I'm home resting , by the fireplace." She'll be full of Christmas cheer and Christmas calm.