Accused stepfather was registered sex offender

We have more information about the 18 year old couple who is charged with allegedly beating a 13 month old baby to death.

Back in September, Blaine Keith Milam was registered as a sex offender, sentenced for aggravated sexual assault of a child.

"I know it was involving a 14 year old...and I know he also had a offense with an 11 year old which was something to do with sending obscene pictures of himself over cell phone to her," said Lt. Reynold Umber with the Rusk County Sheriff's Department.

Lt. Umber says authorities didn't learn Milam was a registered sex offender until we told them.

"We have no way of knowing unless they were registered in this county and he wasn't here he was registered out of Longview...and so when he moved to his mother's residence obviously he never registered with us," said Lt. Umber.

The problem, according to authorities, is that Milam registered in Longview last month but failed to update his address with authorities when he moved to Rusk County.

"At some point in the next few months we would have done a follow up at his residence to assure he was still there, but the problem with the system is when somebody moves to another location," said Kevin Brownlee with Longview Police.

So why didn't authorities follow up and verify Milam's address? We asked.

"Because he had just moved in here, we didn't have any reason to go out there that quickly to check to see if he was still there, especially since we had had contact with him twice from September to November," said Brownlee.

Because Milam failed to register as a sex offender, authorities say he committed a crime.

"He committed a state jail felony before he committed any crime against that child by moving out of Longview in to Rusk County," said Brownlee.

Rusk County Child Advocacy director Kishla Salazar says the community shouldn't overlook this horrible murder.

"If you are trying to be a protective parent and you don't know this person and has a property to abuse children and something happens then you blame yourself and have the guilt to live with later."

We talked to a Rusk County investigator, who says he'll have to confer with the Rusk County District Attorney before they decide to file more charges against Milam about not registering within Rusk County.

Lakecia Shockley, reporting.