Caffey's trial moved to Hopkins County

The trial of an East Texas teen accused of triple murder is on the move.

Caffey was just sixteen back in March when she and three others allegedly killed her mother Penny Caffey and her brothers Matthew and Tyler Caffey in Emory before burning down the Caffey's house. Erin Caffey's father was shot multiple times, but survived the attack. Caffey came into court this afternoon with a tearstained face, and did not look at her father.

The judge agreed to move Caffey's upcoming trial to Hopkins County.

"Initially, there was a change of venue for the Waid case that we were going to have in Hopkins county. Since Waid and Wilkinson have already plead, we have agreed to go ahead and transfer the venue for Erin Caffey's case up to Hopkins County as well, and today the judge signed the order officially doing that for the record," said Rains County attorney Robert Vititow.

Last month, Charles Waid and Charlie Wilkinson pleaded guilty for their role in the killings, in exchange for their testimony in both Caffey's trial and the trial of Bobbie Johnson, the fourth suspect in this case.

Erin Caffey's trial is set for February.

Danielle Capper, reporting.