High School friends of accused mom describe couple as happy, loving

The case of baby Amora Carson is angering and upsetting to many East Texans, including to friends of the accused couple, who say they can't imagine how something like this could happen. KLTV 7's Courtney Lane sat down with some of Jessica Carson's friends who gave us insight into their life and her role as a mother.

Jessica Carson, who friends call Jessie, had Amora while she was still in high school.

"I watched Amora so she could go back to school."

Her close friend Amy Lowthorp says Jessie soon met Blaine Milam, and they were to marry this spring.

"I mean, they got serious fast but he seemed like a really great guy...he said he loved that baby, Amora, he loved her. I mean he always took care of her. He was like Amora and Jesse are my life," said Lowthorp.

"They appeared to be happy," said Farrah Stone.

Stone also grew up with Jessie, and says the news is shocking.

"I have a 4 month old daughter. I automatically just grabbed her and started bawling. That's the most terrible thing you could ever do to a child. It's horrible. I mean that baby didn't deserve that. She was so pretty and you wouldn't think that Jessie was like that."

"I don't think she could have done it. Just not the type of person. She was so sweet and loving," said Amy.

Recently, however, they did see a change in Jesse. Amy says within the last two months she stopped talking to her family and friends. They're not sure how it happened, or why.

"I don't know what their mindset was...it's just depressing. It doesn't seem like it's real yet," said Amy.

A Longview High School graduate and a young mother, now charged with what authorities say is the worst crime imaginable.

We tried to contact Jessica Carson's family. Her mother didn't want to talk or go on camera. Blaine's family member's couldn't be reached.

Courtney Lane, Reporting clane@kltv.com