Doveman Helps Children Fight Fear with Faith

Its 7 o'clock on a Friday night and something terrible is happening in the town of Funville. The evil Dr. Boo has put his secret "fear" potion in the town's new soda and now everyone is afraid

"I can't sit a child down and say are you afraid," says Rose Heights Church of God Youth Minister Kevin Mchann, "it doesn't work that way...but it can work through a hero called Doveman."

Doveman is a Christian super hero, who relies on his faith in Jesus, to help defeat evil and calm the fears of Funville. Its a big musical production, full of lights, camera and action, with a simple message...

"It all boils down to one point...when they see something like this they are more open to receive what you have to say. We take a character such as Doveman, add a bad character, put them in a bag and shake it all up and out comes a story...they kind of see the characters they see the back drops and the things we put out and make it fun and that's what the grab hold to and at the end you just give em a chance and say look this is the message we are trying to show you, if we can help in anyway we want to," says Mchann.

KVNE Radio personality Mike Harper, plays Doveman. "Its extremely important," says Harper, "even in the past few days, just talking about fear an the idea going through our minds in this script, realize how many things we are really afraid of that we really don't need to be, we can put our faith in Him and He'll take care of us."

convening that message through a fun filled, bright, exciting play like doveman is what Rose Heights hopes will happen...and on this night, the message seems to be hitting home...

"I learned about that you should remember your faith when your scared," says 6 year old Mason Knapps. "He fought with integrity, faith and knowledge," says 7 year old Vincent Smith. "Always have faith," observed 7 year old Lindsey Stein, "and never let fear catch in your mind...if they have Jesus in their heart Jesus is going to be with them they can just pray and ask Jesus to take this fear away from them and he will do it."

No one here believes that one showing of Doveman will help solve the fears of every child who comes. What they do hope, through a fun, exciting performance, a seed of what prayer and faith can do in times of fear will be planted and will grow to be used the next time fear comes knocking at the door.