Small East Texas Church Provides World Wide Assistance

At first glance, the Morton Baptist Church looks like any small East Texas Church, 30-40 people come here on Sunday to worship. But from this small congregations, thousands around the world have been touched. "As you think about the power of prayer, that God just gave us this vision back in 1996 or something like that, that this is what he wanted us to be a part of," says Pastor Mike Brittain.

For more than five years this little church has been the headquarters for a relief agency that has touched so many lives. Working through Texas Baptist Men, Pastor Mike Brittain has gathered hundreds of volunteers and hundreds of thousands of dollars for relief work. "We just submitted to him and surrendered," says Brittain "and said we'll obey, whatever you have for us, and without any federal money, convention money or state money anything else, God has just given to us through touching other people's hearts over 200 thousand dollars we have put into disaster relief."

From their headquarters near Harelton, this church has provided relief in the dead of the ravages of floods and tornadoes...and even the streets of a devastated New York City. But it was this spring they would get their first international call. An invitation, says Brittain, from God to deliver people to the war torn region of Gaza. "Their loving people, their compassionate people but their caught in a system they can't change or don't feel like they can change, so that's the people we tried to help," says Britain.

Brittain, his wife and a team of six others returned this summer from almost three weeks in Gaza. They personally delivered over 300 thousand dollars in food to a people devastated by war, corruption and poverty. "We went to a lady that had a bottle and was feeding a baby and she said this is the last milk that I've got, I don't have anymore milk, no food for the baby. And it was just neat to say God just sent you...theres some milk in here, there's 70 pounds of food that God sent you because he loves you and just see them begin to cry and weep,...their not used to a God of love," recalls Brittain

For Brittain it was an especially important moment. It was exactly one year ago, after preaching in East Texas his life changed forever. "I had an aneurysm on my brain stem that was spraying blood into my head at that time," says Brittian Despite a successful surgery no one really thought Brittain would be able to resume his missionary work, but those people, says Brittain, don't know of the power of prayer.

"One year to the date from the time I had a 10% chance of living, I was able to stand and preach in the Gaza Baptist Church and tell them about the great power of God and what a mighty God we serve. Without any limitation or impairments of what god had done in my life."

Brittain is back home now...waiting for the next call to respond to peoples needs where ever God may send them. Assured even more he says, no matter the risk or the cost...the power of prayer will provide.