Kilgore's own horse whisperer

An East Texas woman has an uncanny ability to work with horses that for one reason or another, have difficulty around humans. She's what many would call a horse whisperer. KLTV 7's Bob Hallmark has more on a Kilgore woman who knows the unwritten language of horses.

She's not exactly sure how she does it, but 49 year old Charlene Wykoff can understand what horses are feeling.

"I can't teach this. I have no mentors, I watch nobody else...I actually travel from whoever calls me to help them with horses."

She's worked with horses since she was 12, and she says she knew that there was something she could feel that no one else could.

"It's not written in a book, it's strictly here."

She works with horses that have behavioral problems or have had bad experiences with humans.

"I started having to fix horses that had been to other trainers for 30-60 days, then they'd come back and the horse would just shake under them."

Her technique is a soft voice and gentle touch.

"You know by looking at this horse when you're going to be able to put a leg over them."

The objective is trust.

"I do believe that the best thing for the inside of a man woman or troubled child is a horse...the reward for me is making somebody happy with the horse."

Charlene works with anywhere from 7-8 horses at any given time. She says that each horse is different and requires different lengths of time to train.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.