More details emerge on driver of truck involved in Overton parade accident

We've learned more about the driver of the truck involved in the Overton parade accident Monday night. 83 year old George Charles, who's known as Lacy, was released from jail after posting bond. KLTV 7's Danielle Capper reports on the accident that has stunned everyone.

"I really feel it was truly an accident. Just tragic that it happened."

Chris Self is Lacy's longtime neighbor and friend. He's known him for 12 years, both working and living right across the street.

"He's just country folk. He's retired. He messes with cows and just tends to his own business," said Chris.

He said Lacy would be there for anybody who needed anything, and was willing to help. When Chris heard the news Monday night that Lacy was involved in the accident, he just couldn't believe it. He said Lacy was on his way back home after dropping his son off in Longview at the train station.

"The way I understand it is his son lives in Chicago and he was coming back from Longview when I guess all this took place," said Chris. "Generally, by five o'clock, he's home. It was one of those situations that it was a necessity and he did."

Chris says it must have been a freak accident that ended tragically.

"I think he meant to stop and I think instead of hitting the brake pedal he hit the gas and just kinda panicked. I feel like it was just truly an accident. My heart and prayers go out to the families of the kids and the mothers that were involved," said Chris. "I'm just awfully sorry for everybody that it happened."

Neither Lacy nor his family wanted to go on camera, but they did tell us off camera that their thoughts and prayers are with the victims.

Danielle Capper, reporting.