Victims tell their stories after Overton parade tragedy

A small East Texas community is breathing a big sigh of relief after all but two children involved in last night's collision at the Overton - New London Christmas parade are now back home with their families.

The city of Overton says a total of 12 people were injured in last's night accident. Ten of them were children, along two women, 28 year old Kim Searle and 33 year old Nicole Greir. Seven year old Colby Brooks remains in serious condition tonight. Late Tuesday afternoon, he was flown from Mother Frances Hospital to Children's Medical Center in Dallas. Another seven year old boy is also at Children's, in good condition.

Tuesday afternoon, KLTV 7's Molly Reuter spoke with a 6 year old boy who is now on crutches after narrowly avoiding being hit by the speeding truck.

"Sometimes we say our motto, and sometimes we just do stuff fun."

6 year old Jon Hughes is off from school today. A member of Cub Scout Troop 912, Jon says thankfully he's doing ok.

"My friend fell on my leg, and then I had to go to the hospital, and then I had to get a splint on my ankle," said Jon.

With a sprained ankle, Jon's mother Elizabeth McAllister says Jon should be back on his feet in a few days. But McAllister says it could have been much worse if Jon's den leader, 28 year old Kim Searly wasn't there to help.

"From what I understand if she hadn't pushed my son, or two of the other little boys out of the way they would be in pretty bad shape," said McAllister. "I talked to her a little bit ago too, and she's not even worried about herself. She just wants to know how everybody else is doing."

Jon and most of the boys injured last night attend West Rusk Elementary School.

West Rusk ISD Superintendent Mike King says he immediately went to Mother Frances Hospital last night after hearing his students had been hurt.

"When I got there everything was as calm as you could expect it," said King.

King says at first there was a lot of confusion after misinformation was reported by a Tyler TV station - not KLTV 7 - that a child had died.

"You can imagine, you know it was a relief. We were hearing reports that there was a fatality, and we couldn't find where that fatality was, so there was worry that we were missing a student," said King.

King says a tragedy has been avoided. But still, McAllister says she worries about the two boys still in the hospital, and for her son's quick recovery.

"Very, very...sad for the ones that had to be flown out, but very relieved," said McAllister.

We also received a statement from the parents of 7 year old Colby Brooks who, as we mentioned earlier, was flown to Children's Medical Center in Dallas Tuesday afternoon.

They said, 'I want to thank everyone who is praying for Colby. He's on five or six prayer lists right now. We are praying and looking forward to Colby's full recovery and the day he can go back to being a Cub Scout in Troop 912 in New London.'

Molly Reuter, reporting.