Apartment fire destroys entire Shreveport building

By dawn it was clear for dozens of residents at The Quail Creek Apartments in Shreveport that they would not be going home.

"Anyone can wake up to this and lose everything," said one resident.

Flames busted through the roof of building 7 just after 5am.  It wasn't long before the entire structure was engulfed.

But Shreveport Fire Chief Brian Crawford says only one family in the building actually saw flames. "They said they woke up and saw a glow above the thermostat.  They tried to extinguish it, but they were unable to do that," he said.

The fire started in the bottom level but Crawford says once it got into the attic, it spread. Now 13 families are without a home.
Lisa Mcbride had just enough time to grab her dog hunter. She says she had just finished boxing up everything in her apartment. "I 'm moving to the back. I won't have anything to move now," she said.

Everyone was evacuated safely, but the building is a total loss, along with everything in it.

"Just here to keep our heads up. We don't have anything else," says another fire victim.

Smoke could be seen for miles, drawing spectators from surrounding neighborhoods.

To some it was the sight of a lifetime,  but to those a little closer it is a lifetime up in smoke.

By Liz Elan - bio | email